While sanding is not required for every painting project, it is usually an essential step that must be taken in the painting process. Sanding is a process where you smooth out a surface using a coated abrasive sheet of paper or tool. The abrasive side is rubbed against the surface in order to remove any particles or unevenness and smooth out a surface. There are many varieties of sandpaper with variations of paper, grit size, materials, and bond. Let’s go over the finer details. 

So why sand anyway? When it comes to painting, sanding a surface makes for better paint application. By sanding a surface, you’re not just making it look and feel smoother, but you’re also creating a more adhesive area for the paint to stick to. If you skip sanding all together, you risk the paint cracking and chipping in the near future. When it comes to the type of sandpaper we use, it depends on what needs to be achieved. Grit size, or coarseness, in sandpaper ranges from 40-400, with the highest rating having the smallest particle size. A coarser, lower-grit sandpaper is often used for initial sanding purposes to get rid of more material in a shorter time period. Finer sandpaper is typically used to finish the process, providing a smooth wall free from surface imperfections.

When it comes to when sanding should be performed, it comes down to the specific project. If drywall is involved, sanding becomes the first step. However, in most cases, cleaning the wall is the first step. Sanding also helps remove excess dirt and debris, so it will take away any leftovers from the first step. You never want to do too much sanding. Also, different types of sandpaper will be needed for different types of paint being used, which is why it’s best to ask the experts to do it instead. Each type of surface requires a different level of sanding. With so many surfaces you can cover both in and outside your home, picking the right type of sandpaper won’t be easy. Consider hiring a dependable painting company in Westchester, like J&S Painting Plus, who can handle all aspects of interior and exterior painting.

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