As painting experts, we know that painting can get a bit messy. That’s why you must keep in mind that prepping is a key step to a successful paint job! Imagine inviting a whole painting crew into a room that’s not cleared out. You will get paint on more than just your walls for that matter. This means removing any items that can get in the way. This includes taking down any paintings and drapes as well as moving any furniture out of the area. When it comes to any wall hangings you want to keep in the same location, leave the hardware in place. As for wires and electronics, make sure to unplug what you can because you don’t want anyone tripping over any wires and spilling paint everywhere! Make sure to alert the crew about the electronics that need to stay plugged in. It also helps to cover the floor with tarp, especially if it’s carpet. Paint can be very hard to get out sometimes. 

We also recommend that you wipe your walls down. A wet cloth or even bath scrubber can work just fine. You’d be surprised to see just how much dirt and grime can get on your walls, and if you have white walls, that filth will show even more. To avoid this in the future, we recommend that you don’t smoke inside the house and to try to use the fan over the stove when cooking to absorb some of that grease! Sometimes these things can be out of our control, and it can be from something as simple as a burning candle. With clean walls, the paint will adhere to the walls much more easily.

Now before you schedule an appointment, you’ll want to first make sure you are picking the right color by testing a strip. When you’re at the store, consider buying a few samples to try at home. Once you test each strip, wait for them to dry then compare how they look in different light. This will help you avoid the huge mistake of using a color you thought would look good but doesn’t. This can result in both time and money wasted! Before the crew heads over, make sure to open all windows to ventilate your home. Although today’s paint formulations contain far less volatile organic compounds and have minimal odor, it’s a good idea to ventilate before, during and after to help the paint dry faster. You will also want to keep your pets away from the workspace to prevent any accidents.

As you can see, there are a few steps you’ll have to take before jumping right into painting. We hope these tips helped you feel more prepared for your next painting project! At J&S Painting Plus, Inc., we are fully licensed and insured painting contractors offering the highest standard of quality workmanship for exterior house painting and all your residential painting needs at the most affordable prices. Contact us today via our website for a free quote to get started: