Research has proven that there is in fact a connection between color and mood. The rooms in your house can affect your living to a great extent and before committing to a color, you’ll want to take color psychology into account. So, what is color psychology exactly? It’s the study of how color can influence human behavior. For example, warmer colors tend to have a more stimulating effect while cooler colors have a more calming effect. When it comes to what color you should paint a room, it’s important to keep in mind what the room will be used for and the mood you want to create in that particular room. Is this a room you’ll be doing activities in like working out and playing with your kids? Or is it one you will be sleeping and bathing in? Let’s take a look into what colors we think would fit best for different rooms in your house. 

What’s the best color for my Living Room?

The living room is the area where people gather to all be together. It’s also one of the first rooms your guests see, so you want to create a mood that promotes warmth, tenderness, and feels inviting. It can also be a place for excitement, but that’s up for you to decide. Reds are good for stirring up excitement, but if you want to go for a more calming effect, we recommend greens and blues since they are a bit softer to look at. Neutral colors such as beige, greys and whites are good for a more simple and elegant feel, while blacks, maroons and deep teals offer a more dramatic, luxurious feel.

What’s the best color for my Kitchen?

The kitchen is a place where people gather to eat, so you might want a color that promotes hunger and relaxation. It’s also one of the most accessorized rooms in your house with cabinets, chimney, cooking table, countertop, and appliances. Using warmer colors like red and orange since those tend to stimulate the appetite. If you want to go for a more cheerful feel to brighten the room up, go for light yellow tones. This shade tends to instigate creativity and happiness. On the flip side, blacks and browns are colors you’ll want to avoid for this room since they are too dramatic for a space like that.

What’s the best color for my Dining Room?

Similar to the kitchen, you’ll want to use colors that promote appetite in the dining room since that is where you’ll likely be eating. It’s also a place for conversation and studying, so using colors that promote positive energy and stimulation. Again reds and yellows are great for rooms that you eat and socialize in because they are more stimulating. The dining room is a place you will want to create a feeling of warmth. If you want to add a bit of freshness to the room, try using shades of green to promote a cozy yet happy atmosphere. Just remember that darker shades like browns and blacks tend to suppress an appetite.

What’s the best color for my Bedroom?

The bedroom is a place for ultimate relaxation, so you will want to stay away from colors that are more energizing such as reds and oranges. Blue is one of the best colors to use for a bedroom since it offers a more subtle and tranquil environment. Soft shades of green, purple, and even grey work well and offer a more calming feeling. You want to keep this room looking less intense when it comes to the color you use because using dark colors can be too dramatic and even promote a feeling of sadness. So, try to stick to lighter shades to help promote that feeling of serenity and calmness.

What’s the best color for my Bathroom?

When it comes to the bathroom, you have to consider your lifestyle. Do you use it to take a quick shower or do you enjoy long bubble baths? Think of how you use the bathroom before committing to a color. You can’t go wrong with neutral colors such as off-white, creamy beige, and light greys. These colors give off a feeling of freshness and purity. The bathroom is a very personal space where you tend to do most of your self-care, so you want it to feel like a clean and refreshing space. Bright blues and even dark greys are also good to use to give off a relaxing, yet sophisticated look.

As you can now realize, color has a significant impact on setting the tone for the mood in the room. If you make these considerations, you can also end up with a higher value home because using the wrong colors in a room will end up leading to someone having to repaint it. The colors you choose can significantly affect your mood and behavior and it’s important to choose colors that will bring positivity into the home and make the most sense for each room. So, which colors do you think you will consider for your home’s interior? We hope these tips helped you decide what to use! Contact us today via our website for a free quote to get started: