If you’re looking to repaint your living room, bathroom, or bedroom, you should know the benefits of high quality paint. A successful house painting project is not just about the color, but it’s about the quality of paint that lasts longer and secures your property from the elements. You want to have long-lasting paint that looks good but is also secure!

  1. Quality Ingredients: A high quality paint will include elements that not only make the color look good, but last longer. The four important elements of paint are binders, pigments, additives and liquids. Premium paints normally have more binders and pigments. The binders adhere to the surface quickly and provide a long-lasting performance. The high quality pigments provide greater durability and better color retention.
  2. Covers The Surface Well: High quality paints are known to cover the surface better. It’s an interesting fact that if you purchase high quality paint, then you’re reducing the quantity required. So, essentially, if you purchase high quality paint then you are reducing the tedious task of buying more paint because those of low quality tend to not cover the surface as well.
  3. Easy Maintenance: Scuff marks are often the most common things painters encounter when painting a new home. However, during the cleaning process, it is known that high quality paint makes it easier to remove marks and dirt in just a few swipes! You don’t want to deal with the hassle of seeing dirt or scuff marks on your brand-new paint then have a hard time cleaning it off, right? High quality paint will make this job easier!

High quality paints will be your best friend in terms of time, cost, and maintenance. We at J and S Painting Plus, Inc. are dedicated to making your home feel perfect! We are fully licensed and insured painting contractors, offering the highest standard of quality workmanship for exterior house painting and all your residential painting needs at the most affordable prices. Contact us today via our website for a free quote to get started: https://jandspaintingplus.com/contact-us/