When refreshing and upgrading your home’s look, few things have as much impact as a new coat of interior or exterior paint. However, not all painting projects are limited to walls and ceilings. At J&S Painting Plus, Inc. our experienced painters have the skills to take on a wide range of residential painting projects – big and small. Read below for the services we can do for your next home project!

Interior and Exterior House Painting

Our bread and butter work involves painting the interior and exterior of residential and commercial buildings. We use high-quality coatings and meticulous prep work like caulking, patching, sanding, and priming to ensure the paint adheres smoothly and uniformly. And with access to lifts and scaffolding, we can paint safely at any height.

Custom Cabinet Painting/Staining

We don’t stop at just walls. Refinishing your kitchen or bathroom cabinets with new paint or stain breathes new life into the space. We remove doors/drawers, prep, paint/stain, and reinstall everything with upgraded hardware if desired. With expert technique, we match the new finish perfectly.

Wood Works

Our moldings, railings, and banisters services include stripping aged finish or paint, refinishing beautiful stained wood pieces, painting new or existing trim, and wood floor refinishing. Our team will pay special attention to the intricate details of your home’s railings, banisters, crown molding, baseboards, door casings, and any other decorative wood trim to protect and enhance these elements.

Contact Us

Looking to hire painters for your next project? Our full-service professional painters have the experience and skills to handle painting projects of all sizes and scopes, going beyond just applying paint. Contact us to get a free quote on any upcoming painting project and see our services firsthand. Your surfaces will look their best when finished! Call us for a quote at 914-935-9300, or visit here: https://jandspaintingplus.com/contact/