J&S Painting Plus, Inc. offers exceptional quality interior house painting services in Fairfield County, CT and Westchester County, NY. We use high quality Benjamin Moore, eco-friendly paint in a wide selection of color options. Poor quality house painting is usually the result of a lack of preparation. We always take the time to thoroughly prepare the surface before we start painting. Our highly trained and experienced painters take the time to carefully scrape, sand, caulk, plaster and prime surfaces for interior house painting. This ensures the best quality finished surface. In addition to preparing the walls, we take the time to protect the surfaces of your home. All flooring is covered with canvas cloths and furniture is covered to prevent any mess. At the end of each day, the work area is cleaned up completely to keep your home neat and reduce the stress that often comes with home repair and improvement. At J&S Painting Plus, Inc. we understand the importance of providing outstanding customer service, in addition to expert interior house painting services. We focus on customer service throughout all phases of the job. Our expert painters provide prompt service and personalized attention. We maintain the highest standard of cleanliness from the beginning until the job is finished.