If you’re in the middle of designing a new kitchen or just want to spruce up an old kitchen design, you might be considering a new look for your kitchen cabinets. If you want to save money by not replacing the cabinets with brand-new ones, then we have a couple of options available for you – refacing or repainting them. Both refacing and repainting cabinets have many pros and cons to consider with a new home project, but it’s crucial to choose the best method that suits the existing kitchen cabinetry. Ultimately, you are trying to make the most out of your old cabinets, so you need to choose your new kitchen look based on their existing condition and style. In this blog post, we’re going to discuss the difference between refacing and repainting and how this method can be a good money saving option. 

What is Cabinet Refacing?

Cabinet refacing is when you update your cabinet look by replacing the front-facing hardware but leaving the cabinetry framework in place. The cabinet frames and internal shelves remain the same, but you get brand-new doors, hinges, handles, and fixtures. Basically, you are updating the parts people can see. This way, you can give an illusion of brand-new cabinets, even though the core of the refaced cabinets hasn’t changed. This option is perfect for those who are happy with the layout of the kitchen and storage space but want a fresh look. 

What is the difference between refacing and repainting?

The real difference between refacing and repainting your cabinets is relatively straightforward. Painting your cabinets can give the existing cabinetry a new color, while refacing gives them an entirely different look. 

If you’re looking to change the color of your kitchen cabinets, we recommend a professional to help you out. Although this project may seem simple to do yourself, it’s easy to have streaky, splotchy, and uneven finishes if you’re not a professional painter. Painted cabinet boxes can easily flake, peel, or fade in a kitchen environment, especially if you’re cleaning them frequently. The more you clean them, the easier it is for the paint to fade away over time. They can also look a little bit drab. 

At J&S Painting Plus, Inc. we always take the time to thoroughly prepare the surface before we start painting. Our highly trained and experienced painters take the time to carefully scrape, sand, caulk, plaster, and prime surfaces for interior house painting. This ensures the best quality finished surface. 

Below are before and after pictures from our team. 

How do I choose which option is best?

So, you don’t know whether to repaint or reface your kitchen cabinets. Well, the decision ultimately depends on the condition of the cabinetry and the overall feel you’re looking for in the new kitchen design. Here are some of our tips to decide which one may suit you: 

When to reface your kitchen cabinets: 

When to repaint your kitchen cabinets: 

How J&S Painting Can Help You

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