Are you having trouble trying to pick the right color for your interior home walls? It’s not an easy task. Color is used to help define interiors and create focal points in relatively featureless rooms. You want the color to stand out, but yet also blend in. In this blog post, we will discuss 4 tips that will help you with deciding the right colors for your rooms.

  1. Create A Color Scheme That Matches Your Home’s Furniture. Before deciding what you want the wall color to look like, we advise you look at the furniture color scheme, first. You want to focus on the color scheme of the room. Start by selecting three colors from an existing object and then compare with certain color swatches you have already in mind. Then, you eliminate the colors you think will not match.
  2. Decide On The Finish To Create An Appealing Visual Effect. Once the colors have been decided, it’s best to then consider the finish you will be using. Paint sheen or finish refers to the amount of light that the paint reflects from its surface. Simply put, paints with a sheen reflect light and paints without a sheen absorb light. Choosing a type of finish is best for walls because it is scrubbable and doesn’t draw attention to imperfections. Today, however, finishes are being used to create visual effects on the entire wall. For example, if you use flat or satin finish and the adjacent wall in a semi-gloss, both in the same color, and when the light hits the walls, it creates a corduroy or velvet effect. If used correctly, color and gloss together can emphasize your interior’s best assets.
  3. Know Your Whites. Surprisingly, white comes in a staggering variety. We always advise our clients to know the differences between certain shades of white. Pure, “clean” whites are formulated without tinted undertones. These are favored by designers looking to showcase artwork or furnishings and are often used on ceilings to create a neutral field overhead. Most other whites are often undertones with yellow, pink, or brown. It’s interesting to use these undertones whites in a room with natural lighting because it gives a cozy aesthetic. By contrast, cool whites can give a room more space.
  4. Match The Color To the Feeling You Want In The Room. When decorating your home, you should first decide what you want the room to feel like. Is it cozy? Is it bright? The psychology of color can come into play when deciding paint for your home. For example, a living room is often the “cozy” area. The bathroom is often a place where people put bright colors and the bedroom. It all depends on personal style, however, it’s best to determine first what you think would go with the feeling of the room.

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