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Those who want to remodel their homes often go through wear and tear from scratches, scrapes and discoloration. We recommend always repainting your walls for the best finish. However, how often should you repaint your walls? Some rooms, like your bathroom or kitchen space, experience lots of changes in temperature, humidity, and air quality and may need to be repainted more than say a bedroom, office, or living room. For the best results, we recommend repainting every 3-5 years.

When To Paint and Why

The best time for repainting is normally between remodeling the home or if you are looking to get a cleaner look. The hallways are normally the first space that would need to be painted the most often because they see a lot of scuff marks, fingerprints, dents, and worn corners. A repainting will be able to fix these marks and make it look brand new

It’s also important to think about the high traffic areas in your home when you’re wanting to repaint. Where is the most traffic in your home when you have guests over, or even on a day-to-day basis? We would say the second-high traffic area next to the hallways is the kitchen and bathrooms. Kitchens often feature stains, grease, and smoke, while bathrooms have issues with moisture and humidity. J&S Painting Plus, Inc. uses high quality paint for all rooms although, in these specific areas, the wear and tear of everyday routines can make the paint look discolored or damaged. We recommend repainting these rooms every 3-5 years to bring back the quality of the paint and color in your rooms. It would be most convenient to always get a repaint job when you’re remodeling or getting new furniture in your home.

Other rooms such as living rooms, dining rooms, home offices, and bedrooms are known to need repainting jobs done less often; however, this frequency depends on the amount of use and mess those rooms see. Bedrooms don’t need to be repainted frequently if it’s an adult’s room. Children’s bedrooms are a good idea to get a refreshed look. We would say use your best judgment based on how you want the rooms to look, but, generally it’s a 3-5 year span.

At J&S Painting Plus, Inc. our team of professionals are experts on making your home look the best it can be. We understand that repainting is needed at certain times due to everyday routines. Our team is here to help you and make sure your home looks refreshed and new! Contact us to get a quote today! https://jandspaintingplus.com/contact-us/