Sometimes you want to freshen up your home and the best way to do that is with paint! It’s cost-effective because it is one of the easiest things you can do to give your home a completely updated look for less money and time. Other major home renovations, like renovating your bathroom, can take months to complete. Plus, complications are more likely to come up, and that can lead to even more money spent down the road.

Exterior painting is usually required after 5-7 years. Primetime for painting exteriors is spring and fall. When it comes to the exterior, painting may be required at different times based on the weather and your location. With interiors, painting is required sooner, but know that not all rooms should be treated the same. Knowing when to paint depends on whether you actually want to change the color of a room, or just freshen it up. It also depends on your lifestyle, family, and how often the space is used. Some rooms require a fresh coat of paint sooner than others and depend on many variables. 

Areas such as hallways, playrooms, trim, and baseboards may show more wear and tear than others, but usually, they’ll require a repaint after 2 to 3 years. Walls will appear discolored from dust, sun exposure, and moisture. However, they can also get scuff marks, fingerprints, and worn corners. For instance, a kid’s playroom or bedroom will need to be painted sooner than a living room because of the level of activity. Also, as children get older, they may want to go with a different color for their room. The same goes for pets. If your furry friends occupy certain rooms, those rooms will likely require a refresh sooner. 

Lastly, rooms like your dining room, living room, and spare bedrooms tend to need less-frequent painting. Washing your walls can only do so much, and you’ll eventually want to give them a refresh. When it comes to painting, the activity in the room isn’t the only factor that contributes to the need for a new paint job. The quality of the initial prep work, paint, and application process also have a big impact on the overall lifespan of the paint. This is why homeowners who do not utilize a professional may notice peeling walls or an uneven look after a few years.

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