Are you looking to put your house on the market this fall? There are ways you can cost effectively increase the value of your home. Painting the interior and exterior of your home is one such activity that increases the home’s value and potentially makes it highly desirable to multiple buyers.

Here are a few ideas from professional painters on how you can boost your home’s value before selling:

Paint Your Home’s Exterior
A 2015 study found that homeowners who painted their home’s exterior received a 51% return on the initial investment. This makes your home improvement look cleaner than you initially bought it for. Real estate agents ranked this paint job as one of the top home improvements when trying to resell homes. New paint can be one of the easiest ways to increase your aesthetic presence and home appeal.

Paint Your Kitchen
The kitchen goes through a lot of wear and tear through the years. You’ve probably heard before that kitchen and bathroom renovations are the best financial bet when it comes to increasing your homes value. Well, this is true. The kitchen is part of the top 10 home improvements listed by the greatest return on investment. Many homeowners are painting cabinets before putting their house on the market because many buyers want to see the new, fresh, and updated look in the kitchen.

Paint the Bathrooms
Did you know, according to Zillow’s paint color analysis, a light periwinkle blue or very light gray on your bathroom walls can increase your home’s value? The bathroom colors with a white spa feel or dark, bold colors doesn’t help with a home’s value because of the high maintenance costs. Also, bright colors or statement colors tend to be a turn-off to folks looking to buy. The bathroom space tends to go through the most wear in tear in a home because of humidity or dirt. With the light periwinkle blue or light gray in the bathrooms will not feel overwhelming, only calm and relaxing to the home buyer. It’s always good to update these spaces in the home to help the home buyer feel as if it’s new, fresh, and comfortable!

How J&S Painting Plus, Inc. Can Help You
In conclusion, painting is a great way to turn an affordable home improvement project into a big ROI. Our professional painters can help you to give your home a fresh new look. With a professional painter, we’ll not only finish it quickly, but make sure the project looks perfect. Contact us today to help with your next project, and we look forward to hearing from you!