Did you know that we spend up to 90% of our lives indoors? Different types of environments influence our emotions differently and can either have a more positive or negative effect on us. A bright space that’s comfortable and pleasing to the eye is unarguably better than a space that’s poorly lit and unflattering. That’s why there are interior designers who are there to help guide homeowners in designing the ideal living space. There is a lot you can do to change the perception of a space, and one of those is with color! You can use color to alter variables, including ceiling height, room width, depth, and size. In today’s blog, we’re going to discuss the different ways you can use color to change the perception of interior spaces.

Just by painting surfaces, using different materials, or applying different coatings, you can alter the perception of a room to appear taller, longer, wider, or even highlight a single element. Generally, to make a space look larger, you’ll want to use light colors that reflect natural light, which will make surfaces appear larger. If you want to manipulate the space a bit more, you can incorporate both light and dark colors to alter the perception of space. For instance, you can make a room with a low ceiling appear larger by painting the walls a dark color and leaving the ceiling white. You can also make the room feel wider by painting the back wall and ceiling the same dark color, while leaving the rest of the walls a light color.

On the flip side, you can make a room appear smaller by choosing to use darker, richer tones. Stronger colors absorb natural light better than lighter tones, which will make the room give off a cozier, more compact feel. Lowering the ceiling also helps make a room feel smaller, and you can easily achieve this without actually lowering the ceiling by painting it a darker color. Now, if you want to go for a smaller feeling without painting a ceiling, try applying a darker shade to the bottom of the wall work instead. This will shorten the walls, which will help give the same effect. You can even just paint one wall if you want this effect. It will help shorten the space, and if you want to make it more narrow, paint two opposing walls. 

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