First impressions matter, especially regarding your home’s curbside presence. Faded exteriors and flaking paint don’t just look unattractive – they can actively hurt perceived value and leave your house vulnerable to deterioration. Our exterior painting services rejuvenate aesthetics and reinforce weatherproofing for homes that wow. Read more below on how exterior painting can protect your home and boost its curb appeal!


The Problems: Damaging Elements and Curb Appeal

Sun, wind, rain, and temperature shifts put exterior walls under constant assault. Paint bears the brunt as the protective barrier keeping moisture from seeping in and degrading wood, masonry, and siding beneath. Once exterior paint starts chipping, swelling, or peeling away, structural damage accelerates. Yet the average homeowner waits too long between freshening exterior paint, tempted to put it off by the effort involved. Over time, a home’s street side presence grows tired, colors fade unevenly, and the impression given detracts to buyers. First impressions matter, so it pays dividends to proactively maintain alluring exterior paint.

Our Exterior Painting Process: Revive and Fortify

We start by visually inspecting all surfaces and use moisture meters to identify soft areas needing replacement. After power washing, we scrape and sand to remove loose paint down to the firmest layer. Cracks and holes get filled, then rough textures are smoothed. Once the surface is blemish-free, we apply an undercoat primer formulated for exteriors to block stains from seeping through. Paint gets applied using top-quality brushes, sprayers, and rollers, ensuring comprehensive, even coverage. We aim to complete all painting in one day when possible to prevent lap marks, carefully edging trim by hand. Our technique of maintaining wet edges prevents blotchiness from overlapping. We finish by re-hanging fixtures, sealing gaps, and cleaning the area thoroughly, so only a gorgeous new exterior remains.

The Benefits: Protection, Value, First Impressions

A pristine exterior paint job does far more than just improve aesthetics. The properties of quality exterior paint, when applied by professionals like us, create a formidable barrier from rain, sun, wind, and temperature swings. Your underlying structures stay intact for the long run, avoiding the need for frequent repairs that ultimately cost more. Research shows a fresh paint job before selling can increase a home’s perceived value. And during your residence, you’ll get a daily confidence boost pulling up to a home looking its best each day.

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