As a result of COVID, people have started caring a lot more about their air quality. Pandemic aside, there are a lot of factors that can affect our air quality, including daily habits such as smoking indoors, poor ventilation, and common household items. Most people may not realize just how many products are made with these dangerous chemicals, and one of them is paint! You might be surprised to hear, but lead paint isn’t the only type of paint that’s bad for your health. VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, are commonly used in paint these days and can be hazardous to your health. Let’s discuss why you should be wary of using paints that contain these toxins and what alternative you can use instead.

Paint containing VOCs is highly toxic and harmful to your health, and although organic, the carbon-containing substance can vaporize at room temperature and enter the atmosphere. In fact, breathing these chemicals in has the same brain cell-killing power as glue, and can continue to release toxins for several years. According to the EPA, exposure to VOCs can cause asthma, skin irritation, fatigue, and even affect your nervous system. Imagine using full VOC paint in a room that requires, let’s say, 3 gallons of paint. You are releasing 10 pounds of toxins into the air, which you will be breathing in every day. VOC is found in paints to help it dry faster, but isn’t absolutely necessary to have in paint. This is why an eco-friendly low or no VOC paint is a great option!

Eco-friendly paint is a much better option health wise and there are many benefits to using this type of paint. When you opt for zero or low VOC paint, you are opting for a much safer alternative because it has significantly fewer amounts of VOCs. This also means that it’s a much more environmentally-friendly option because of its lack of harmful toxins. With eco-friendly paints, you won’t get that intense odor either, which is a result of those toxins being released, so it’s also producing less waste. Not only are they better for your health and the environment, but they’re also easier to clean with affordability being another factor. So, you really can’t go wrong with this option. It’s always better to minimize exposure to toxins as much as you can and this is just one way you can make your home a lot safer to live and breathe in! 

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