A home should feel cohesive and have a nice flow throughout its space. One of the easiest ways to create flow from room to room is by using a consistent paint color on the walls of connecting spaces. This works best for homes with open floor plans because there is more visible space to cover. If there is a clear separation from one room to another, like a room with no door, using different colors won’t matter as much. With an open floor plan, we recommend choosing one color that is going to serve as your main color.

There are many room combinations that can be color-coordinated, but in this blog, we’re discussing your bedroom and bathroom. When it comes to color selection, the options are endless. For a bedroom and bathroom, it’s better to go with a color that is more tranquil and calm, like lavender or light blue. However, we recommend selecting whatever shade you like best! If you like bolder colors, such as black or red, those colors can work as well.

Being able to achieve a smooth transition from your bedroom into your bathroom doesn’t have to be difficult. There are many ways you can create flow from one room to another, without having to stick to using one solid color throughout each room. One trick you can try is playing with different shades of the same color to visually connect the rooms. You can also achieve the same effect by selecting hues with similar undertones. Although not the same color, this strategy will still create flow because the undertones are similar. 

Aside from just the walls, you can also utilize the ceiling and trim by painting them all the same white between each room. You can also utilize furniture and artwork to create flow in your home. Selecting similar colors for your artwork, furnishings, and fabric colors to place in adjoining rooms will help create more flow and unity throughout the home. For your bedroom and bathroom, you can easily do this. Color is something you should try to have fun with, so don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone!

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