So, can you paint a brick fireplace? Yes, you can! However, there are a few steps we’ll need to take first. Some people like the natural beauty the brick’s colors bring, while others prefer to paint it over. Although paint covers the color of the brick, you still get to enjoy the natural finish of it. Regarding other surfaces like limestone or sandstone, you’ll find that a fireplace with a brick surround is the best choice for painting. Let’s discuss what goes into this process. 

Now, you might be wondering if the paint will melt from the fire. For this type of project, we’d use paint that’s rated for high temperatures and is designed to use on brick surfaces. Not all paint is the same, and we use different kinds for different surfaces and exposure to environments. When it comes to choosing a color, white is a classic choice. Unless you want a little more drama, then go for black. The safest bet is to select a color that matches the style and decor in the room and the mood you want to go for. 

When it comes to application, the first step is to clean the fireplace. We do this to ensure the paint dries properly and adheres to the wall. We then tape off any areas that will remain paint-free to create a clean-looking finish. The brick is then primed with a stain-blocking, oil-based primer. This helps protect the paint against any stains from usage. After applying the primer, we wait for it to dry overnight to solidify. The next morning, it’s time to paint!

For the final step, we use latex paint that’s designed to stand up to temperatures at about 200 degrees. You may be thinking, a fireplace can get much hotter than that, but remember this is only for the exterior part. If you want to paint the interior, you’ll have to use a different type of paint that’s even more heat-resistant. The painting process may take more than a couple of days to complete because of the drying time that’s involved, especially with using several coats. Although we want instant results, painting involves steps and waiting time, but we promise the wait will be worth it! 

We hope these tips helped you feel more prepared for your next painting project! At J&S Painting Plus, Inc., we are fully licensed and insured painting contractors, offering the highest standard of quality workmanship for exterior house painting and all your residential painting needs at the most affordable prices. Contact us today via our website for a free quote to get started: