Color can have a powerful effect on us, and the colors that surround us influence our moods. When choosing colors for your home, you select different hues based on the mood you want to promote in each room. Each room has a different purpose in the home, so the colors you choose will be based on the particular mood you want to feel when in the room. In a work setting, you want to promote a certain mood like productivity or focus. Let’s go over different colors you can choose for an office space.


This color, particularly light blue, is great for promoting productivity and focus. It’s a great color if you are doing repetitive tasks like accounting or data entry. It’s a color that works to clear the mind and promotes organization, confidence, and loyalty. This color goes well with neutral tones and can also be paired with some orange accents to introduce a few other emotions like creativity and warmth.




Red is a wonderful choice if you want your employees feeling stimulated at work. In fact, studies have found that this color ironically increases your heart rate and blood pressure. People who work in environments that require physical activity or being alert all the time can benefit from red. Just keep in mind that this color should be used sparingly since it is an aggressive color. So, that means selecting red furniture and accents instead and pairing it with a neutral palette. If used too much, it can be counterproductive and promote feelings of aggression.



If you want to boost attention levels, yellow is a great option for your office. Promoting productivity and focus is a key aspect of this color, and it works well as an accent. Of course, a room that’s bright yellow all around may be too overwhelming, but a few touches of it here and there adds a nice touch.  Surprisingly, using yellow in your workspace also helps with memory retention. Painting just one wall in the room is just enough to add this element to your workspace. 



Orange is a great option for your office if you want to promote productivity and focus. Again, you do not want to make the entire space orange because that would feel far too overwhelming. However, using it in the right places can reap many benefits. It’s basically a combination of red and yellow, so you can guess it works similar to those colors. Orange is a fun color and can also increase happiness and determination. Just painting one wall will make a difference in the mood of the room and give that fun pop of color.



If you want to go for stimulation, green is another option. Employees that feel stimulated will work more efficiently and have higher productivity levels. Of all the colors we listed above, green is easiest on the eyes. Plants and greenery is an amazing way to incorporate this color because plants are natural and increase fresh air and oxygen levels within a space. 


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