Could your home use a makeover? It’s the new year and everyone loves a new look in their home. If you’re looking to re-paint your home’s interior walls, read this first. It’s known that quality paint can last a long time, but even if it’s treated well, it eventually wears out. Worn paint can drastically change the look of your home.

So, how do you know if your interior paint is no longer up to par? Below are 8 signs it’s time for a makeover.

1. Marks That Won’t Go Away
We’ve all seen those pesky marks on the walls that don’t seem to disappear. Whether fingerprints, food splashes, or something else, they’re attention-grabbing. If you’ve seen these marks, it’s time for a new look. Stain-free walls are the best kind of walls, so make your home feel fresh with an updated paint job.

2. Fading
Are your walls not as vibrant as you want them to be? If so, this can be a great time to re-paint. Faded walls can happen over time. This is especially true for paint that’s exposed to the sun a lot, like a wall opposite a large window.

3. Flakes and Bubbles
This type of paint issue is usually caused by rot in the walls or any moisture that may have gotten in. This can also happen in areas that experience a lot of strong sunlight. We always recommend making sure this issue is resolved before a paint job because you want the best possible outcome instead of just covering it up.

4. Color Change
Are your walls not the same color as they originally were? This is another issue that can be caused by the sun. If you have a wall that is constantly exposed to UV rays, you may end up with a wall that doesn’t match other walls in the home.

5. The Baseboards and Trims Need Work
The baseboards and trim of your home add a lot of character. If you’re noticing that they are scuffed up and don’t look as nice, a paint job will be perfect to bring a fresh look to your home. In addition, freshly-painted trimmings may stand out sharply against older wall paint, so it’s a good idea to handle these jobs at once.

6. You Need Change
While this isn’t something others will notice easily, it’s a great reason for a makeover. Sometimes people need change. Whether it be the room color you don’t enjoy anymore, or you feel like the space isn’t your own, we say let’s update the paint! Choose different colors for different rooms, or use accent walls to keep things interesting.

7. Selling A Home
We know painting a house before the listing can be time-consuming and a major investment, but the value of the house goes up immediately. If you are selling the home at any time in the near future, painting the walls certainly gives it the charm necessary to sell faster and for more money.

A makeover should be done with quality service and attention to detail. If you are looking for a painting contractor for residential painting, we are a licensed, fully insured member of the Better Business Bureau. Unlike other painting contractors, we offer quality service delivered with reliability and integrity. Nothing costs less than doing it right the first time! Are you ready for your home makeover? Contact us today and get a free quote: