It’s important to have a basic knowledge of paint before you decide to commit to a color and finish. Not all paints are the same and most have different textures and finishes achieving a different look and function. In other words, some paints have more shine than others and are more durable for high traffic areas. When it comes to choosing the right sheen, or gloss level, you’ll have to keep in mind that the higher the sheen, the higher the shine. You should also make note that darker and richer paint colors have a higher sheen because they have more colorant in them. If you don’t want a glossy effect, step down on the sheen scale. However, if you want to go for something more durable, go for a paint with a higher sheen. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that due to the durability factor, this may be more expensive.  Let’s dive into the different types of paint you can select.


Starting with the finish that will give you the least amount of shine, flat paint covers most imperfections and will go the furthest  when it comes to coverage and budget. When you begin painting  a wall, you will find imperfections, so this type of finish is the best for coverups. However, it is  the least durable and can be easily damaged if treated with a cleaner. This type of paint is best for low traffic areas, like dining rooms and ceilings. Matte finishes soak up light, however, cleaning them will lead to damage, so make sure you save this finish for an area that won’t get dirty. 


This popular finish gets its name because the finish it provides is similar to an eggshell. It absorbs less light than a flat finish and also has a higher sheen. It still covers imperfections, but not as well as the flat finish. However, on the flip side, it is more durable than flat finishes. So you can use this type of paint for low to medium traffic areas like hallways, entryways, and dining rooms. 


This satin-like finish goes a step further than Eggshell and is considered the most popular finish because it’s not too shiny, but still offers ideal durability. Because of its durability, satin paints are easy to clean, and you won’t have to worry about damaging the paint as long as you don’t use any chemicals that are too harsh. They provide a nice balance of shine and durability and can work well in any room. Just keep in mind that it can reveal application flaws, so you will need a professional to help with a touch up.


Now, if you want to go a level higher on the durability scale, go with a semi-gloss. This type of finish is very durable and is even mildew resistant, so it  works wonderfully for bathrooms and kitchens because it can withstand moisture. Since this is a glossier finish, it will show more imperfections in the wall than finishes that are closer to flat. 


This is the most durable and shiny option you can choose. High-gloss paint can withstand daily scrubbing, so cleaning your walls with this type of finish can be a daily thing. You can even use this paint outdoors, for your front door or window shutters. Since you can clean this paint, it can be great for cabinetry in your bathroom or kitchen because of the level of moisture exposure as well as the need to clean that surface rather often. These types of paints are not meant for your interior walls because they are so glossy and will show every little wall imperfection.

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