The ceiling is often the most “ignored” wall in a home. Although there’s nothing wrong with a standard white color, there are plenty of reasons why you should consider painting your ceiling a different color. Furthermore, many designers recommend painting a ceiling as an essential step when doing a home project because it gives the rooms a cozier feel. Are you considering doing this? Read more to find out the benefits of painting your ceiling. 

1. Updated Effect

Painting your ceiling can definitely give an updated and modern look to your home. In addition, any ceiling can be painted for more visual impact. A modern trend for a painted ceiling includes monochromatic patterns, like stripes, in navy to white. It gives the room a modern effect that looks brand new. 

2. Make Rooms Look Larger 

It is known that if you paint the ceiling a lighter color than the other walls, it will make the room look larger. A darker colored ceiling will also add instant warmth to the room and make ceilings appear lower. We recommend painting the ceiling a color that is neutral to make the room feel cozier and bigger. 

3. Hides Imperfections 

Ceilings might not suffer as many imperfections as the other walls, although they are still in harm’s way. House settling, extreme temperatures, and dust can cause imperfections in the ceiling. The right paint can mask those blemishes. Paint the ceiling with a light-colored flat latex paint with a matte finish. It will absorb, rather than reflect light to hide minor flaws in the ceiling. 

4. Highlights Design Features

Highlight your ceiling features with paint! Do you have tray (recessed) ceilings, exposed wood beams, or crown molding? You can easily make these standout by painting your ceiling. The key here is contrast. 

5. Make Kids Rooms More Fun

Kids love bright colors! Add a fun color to the ceiling in their room by treating it as an accent wall. Keep the walls a neutral tone, such as white, and allow your child to choose the ceiling color. Kids will love having the freedom to choose, and parents can maintain a style they can live with. 

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