Painting your door is an easy way to update your home in a subtle way and boost curb appeal and overall value. Your front door says a lot about your home and its personality, so it’s a good idea to put some thought into finding the right paint color. Why settle for the standard white door that was installed when your house was first built? The front door is an important accent for your home’s exterior. It’s still small enough to allow for color risks, plus it’s a great way to reflect your own personality and what you want guests to feel when entering your space. A fresh coat of paint to your door can really add a pop of color and make your home stand out more. Whether you love a bright red, mint green, or soothing yellow, there’s a front door paint color that’s perfect for you. Let’s go over 5 colors that can really look great on a front door and boost your home’s curb appeal. 


Bright Red

Nothing stands out more than a bold red door. It has the most vibrant personality and is a great way to add a pop of color for contrast. The Chinese design philosophy of Feng Shui considers red front doors lucky if they’re facing south or southwest. The color is also considered an early American symbol of welcome, which suits the historic feel of an old house well. If you enjoy decorating for the fall and winter season, a red door can be the perfect backdrop. Just know that your home has to actually suit the red you choose, otherwise, it will look out of place.  Red can be a tricky paint color to use since there are so many varieties and it doesn’t compliment every color, so be sure to sample the red paint you’re considering.

Baby Blue

Looking for visitors? Try painting your front door a bright blue or turquoise, which is linked to calmness and trust. Whether aqua, navy, or teal, a blue door will always charm. The key to an inviting front porch is to prevent the space from feeling too dark, and choosing a light shade of blue for the door will refresh your front entry. For example, it’s a great way to add a touch of fun and coziness to the grand entrance of a brick home. The reflective glass panels on this door bounce light around to add even more brightness. Pro tip: Flank your front door with matching florals for an extra pop of color.

Vibrant Orange

Orange is a high-energy color that can be a great choice for an entry to a home, however, it’s not an easy color to work with because it is so unique. Bright orange is intense and needs to be paired with more soothing, neutral hues to avoid appearing too busy and gaudy. If used properly, orange can make the home feel warm and inviting. We tend to see bold hues on contemporary homes more often than on traditional ones because of their clean lines and minimalistic design. This makes for a terrific blank canvas that can support vibrant hues. Busier styles of architecture can start to look circus-y if bright colors are overused, so be careful when considering orange.

Mint Green

According to Feng Shui principles, you can’t go wrong with green because it is considered the color of balance and renewal. Don’t worry if it will blend in with your landscaping, using green can actually draw out the different shades that are found naturally in your yard. Green is one of the best-selling front door colors (in Britain, at least). Traditionally, this paint color indicates prosperity and wealth, but its natural appeal also symbolizes serenity and peace. For instance, if you have a white home, green really ramps up the charm, especially with black shutters or porch decor as an accent.

Pale Yellow

Nothing brightens up a home’s exterior faster than a soothing shade of sunny yellow. It’s a happy color that radiates warmth, cheer, and is inviting to all who enter. A yellow front door is perfect for traditional-style homes. For example, a standard brick row home would be instantly elevated and set apart with a pop of yellow color. Yellow is linked to optimism and extraversion. Guests will expect sunny rooms and cheerful decor inside. Don’t splash it everywhere, though; it looks best as a front door color against a home with darker siding. If you cover the whole exterior of the house, it can indicate irrationality and anxiety.


After reading this, you should be considering a mini makeover for your home by adding a fresh coat of paint to your front door. What color do you think you would go with? Comment below! We hope these tips helped you decide what color you want to use! Contact us today via our website for a free quote to get started: