We have always been told that dark colors are not ideal when handling a small room, which, if you are a fan of these shades, you may find it a bit disappointing. But what if we told you that there are some dark color options for you to play with within your small room? What if we told you that it can look even bigger? 

Here are 10 light and dark options that will beautify your spaces no matter how small they are.

Black or charcoal

You didn’t see that one coming! Surprisingly, if balanced, black or charcoal can pair off well with the positive accents (such as white, or yellow) and create the feeling that the room looks even bigger. That juxtaposition of color will most definitely make your spaces look spacious, and work as a frame for important highlights like bedding or accessories.


A bit more predictable, white has always been at the heart of many specialists when optimizing smaller rooms to perfection. Pick this color if you want to maximize the light in one space or if you don’t have any windows. Just make sure to add warm accessories like blue or wood to make it feel more homey.


Add warmth to any space with soft blonde or golden shades. Not only will this color make your rooms look special and cozy, but it will definitely be a statement. Since it’s a lighter shade, you will also be in the clear when it comes to looking spacious. 

Dark Teal

If you want your room to look like right out of a Pinterest suggestion, you might want to pick something bold like Dark Teal. Fun fact: The smaller the space, the darker you can go. This shade is modern, sophisticated, and yet still cozy and chic. 


Ideal for children’s rooms, lilac is an amazing choice for a smaller room. It communicates royalty, elegance and cheerfulness. The trick of using this loud color is limiting it to an entryway, or one of the walls of the room to still achieve the effect, and not feel overwhelmed.

Mint Green

Ideal for beach-inspired decor, mint green is a creamy neutral color that can be paired with white accents for maximum effect. It’s a fun shade that works great with natural plants and vintage accents, while still keeping the space accessible and fun.


Fan of cappuccino? Then this paint color will be great for you! As mentioned earlier, don’t be afraid of a darker color. If you want to go for maximum coziness, a coffee tone paired with gray accents will definitely do the trick!

Pearl Gray

Picking the perfect shade of gray can be a daunting task as the color is often associated with dullness. However, if you pick paint with some luminosity to it, you will create an amazing space that fluctuates with the shadows and time of day. Try it! You won’t regret it.

Royal Blue

Especially great if you have a smaller kitchen, add some texture and fun to your cabinets by going for this beautiful color. This will distract eyes from the ceiling and showcase any silver or gold pieces of hardware.


Last but not least, a super soft shade of pink adds warmth to any small room. The best part? It’s not as overwhelming as lilac or fuchsia, and it can be played down paired with other tones, such as gray or blacks for a modern look.

What’s your favorite color for a small room? Are you on the bold side of life and want to try black, charcoal or teal? Or would you like to go for a neutral option such as blush or gold? Whatever you decide, we assure you that your spaces will end up looking crisp. We use high quality Benjamin Moore paint in a wide selection of color options. Call us NY: 914-935-9300, CT: 203-523-3347 or visit our website: http://jandspaintingplus.com to give that room a new look.